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Vaccines over the first two hundred years since Jenner's lifetime have accomplished striking reductions of infectious disease wherever applied. Pasteurs early approach to vaccine development, attenuation and  inactivation are even now the two poles of vaccine technology.

Today purification of microbial elements, genetic engineering and improved knowledge of immune protection   allow  direct  creation  of  attenuated  mutants,  expression of vaccine proteins in live vectors, purification and even synthesis of microbial antigens and induction of a variety of immune responses through manipulation of DNA, RNA, proteins & polysaccharide.

The profusion of new vaccines enables new disease & population to be targeted for vaccination. (Ref Nature Medicine 11, S5 - S11 (2005) Published online: ; | doi:10.1038/nm1209 ) 

Thus the vaccine Market is expected to be Buoyant in times to come.

World Market- Pediatric Vaccines by Type: 2004 Ė 2013

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