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Brief About Panacea Biotec

(PANERA is an Affiliate Company of Panacea Biotec)

Panacea Biotec is India's leading research based health Management Company involved in research, manufacturing and marketing of branded pharmaceutical formulations, vaccines and natural products. The company has been focusing on two main streams of Health Management viz. the Prophylactic (prevention) and Therapeutic (treatment).

Panacea Biotec has established a countrywide network of over 2800 employees in India of which the sales force is more than 1,200 trained and highly motivated professionals in different locations of Panacea Biotec. 

The product portfolio includes highly innovative prescription products in important therapeutic areas like pain management, diabetes & cardiovascular management, renal disease management, osteoporosis management, anti-tubercular, gastro-intestinal care products and vaccines. The top brands of the company- Nimulid & Willgo for pain management; Glizid-M for diabetes; Panimun Bioral & Mycept for kidney transplant rank amongst leaders in their therapeutic segments. 

The vaccines portfolio consists of oral polio vaccines (type I and type III), Enivac-HB (Hepatitis B vaccine), Enivac-HB Safsy, Ecovac-4 (DTwP+Hep B), Easyfour (DTwP+Hib), Easyfive (DTwP+Hep B+Hib). Vaccines in the offing are- Anthrax, Dengue, Japanese encephalitis and several others. Panacea Biotec has earned the distinction of being a WHO pre-qualified supplier of Oral Polio, Hepatitis-B, Easyfour & Ecovac vaccines and are in the process of obtaining similar pre-qualifications for other vaccines. This pre-qualified supplier status enables the Company to participate in WHO sponsored polio eradication programs around the world.  

The vaccines  in India are marketed through a a 50:50 JV between Panacea Biotec and Novartis Vaccines, U.K (earlier known as Chiron Vaccines) . The company has also entered into the marketing venture with Family Vaccines to supply combination Vaccines 'Easy Vaccines' in Philippines. 

The company has developed five separate, ultra modern, state-of-art R&D centers in different locations, having internal capabilities for constant research, with over 250 highly professional and skilled scientists engaged in various aspects of research. 

Panacea Biotec is now amongst the thirteen Indian firms of 100 fastest – growing small and mid-size companies in Asia as per the 'Asia's Hot Growth Companies' list, prepared by US based financial magazine business week Business Standard-22nd Nov' 07). It is the third largest biotechnology company (as per ABLE Survey, 2007), as well as among the top 50 pharmaceutical companies (as per ORG IMS Jan 2008) of India.  

The effort of Panacea Biotec will be towards creating global brands in the field of vaccines, pain management, organ transplantation in the US, EU, Japan, China and ROW countries. There would be introduction of human hair growth peptide based formulation in global markets and the supply of anti-TB and ARV and combination vaccines to WHO/UNICEF. The company however will launch thermo stable vaccines, JE and dengue vaccine. There would be out licensing of patented products in the developed markets of the US and Europe.  

Panacea Biotec has been recording enviable financial performance with consistent growth in sales & profits, year after year. The total sales turnover for fiscal 2007 was USD 200 million which is higher by 53.3% as compared to previous year. The company's profit margins also improved in line with the overall financial growth with EBITDA margins at 27.6% and PAT margin at 17.7% during FY07 from 24% and 11% respectively during FY06.  The company has registered 55% growth in net turnover and 140.9% in net profit.

Additional Information: For any additional information please log on to:  www.panaceabiotec.com

Opportunities for PanEra: PanEra's objective is to provide product of bulk antigens to Panacea Biotec with a vision to become world's largest production base of antigens with lowest COGs. 

PanEra's vision is to produce largest bulk antigens manufacturing capacity for all paediatric vaccines with one quality acceptable globally.   

PanEra believes that highly skilled and qualified manpower is the key to the success of a health management company. The Company's employees are qualified graduates, post-graduates, and PhDs. In addition, continuous in-house and out-sourced training is part of Company policy for constant development of its employees. The company provides congenial work atmosphere to its employees and maintains healthy relations with them.   

"The Circassians [a Middle Eastern people] perceived that of a thousand persons hardly one was attacked twice by full blown smallpox; that in truth one sees three or four mild cases but never two that are serious and dangerous; that in a world one never truly has that illness twice in life." Voltaire, "On Variolation," Philosophical Letters, 1734 

At  PanEra we work to towards ensuring that “one should never truly have an illness even once in life”

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