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Technological Advancements:
HB: New Clone Technology under development, likely to be introduced in 2010-11 with yield improvement estimated to be 10-12 times, which would directly  & significantly  Improve PanEra bottom line Yield improvement in existing clone underway resulting into yield improvement of 25% from 3.5gm to an average of 4.37gm/batch Heber technology likely to be phased out resulting in no tech fee/royalty to Heber
Hib -TT* (Hib PRP from PanEra & TT from PT Biophrama with existing method of conjugation) WHO-PQ currently being supplied to Unicef. Present yield 25%

Hib -TT** (Hib PRP from PanEra & TT from PT Biophrama with  new method of  conjugation) WHO-PQ expected 2009,Supply to Unicef estimated 2010.Yield likely to go up to 50%

Hib -TT***  (Both Hib PRP & TT from PanEra with new method of conjugation) WHO-PQ expected 2011,Supply to Unicef estimated 2011.Yield likely to go up  to 50%

Work in progress for D,T, wP & aP providing higher yield under development
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